Bernardo from West Side Story
Playing "Bernardo", the older brother of "Maria" in the play West Side Story
was a wonderful experience.  Jared was transformed -- through changes in
my physical appearance, mannerisms and characteristics -- from an "all
American" guy to the leader of a Puerto Rican gang.  This metamorphosis
and performance earned him the nickname "Chameleon" by some of my
fellow performers and a nomination as "Best New Comer in a Lead Role".  
Even Jared's parents didn't recognized him.  

Long time viewers of the Broadway production of West Side Story
compared Jared's performance to that of the ones they were privileged to
have seen in New York over 40 times.  Jared received the compliment from
these same viewers, through a local reporter, that his performance was one
of the best and most convincing they had ever seen on Broadway.