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The Young & The Restless
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My dressing room It was really nice.
Hair & Makeup
Rehearsing in my dressing room with Abby & Alex.
I was taking the pictures.
On set after we wrapped our scenes.  Michael Gross
is the actor in the orange jumpsuit.  
I originally auditioned for the role of "Young River", which is the younger version of
Michael Gross's character "Lowell 'River' Baldwin".  The Casting Director said my
read was very passionate & she asked me to read for the role of "Marshall", who is
the fiery best friend of "Young River".  I ended up booking the role of "Marshall".  
Our scenes takes place in a flashback to the late 60's.  

It was a blast working with everyone on set.  I also didn't realize that soaps filmed
so quickly.  We shot about 6 scenes in a couple of hours.  I found out that in soaps
they try to shoot around 100 pages a day.  On a feature film set you might get
through 2 pages a day... Depending on the budget of course.  
The other actors pictured below are Abby Wathen playing "Young Gloria", Alexander
Scarlis playing "Young River" & Michael Gross playing "Lowell 'River' Baldwin". Click
on there names to see their pages
I just booked a recurring role on
The Young & the Restless
Air dates: October 22 & 23
If you missed the episodes no worries.  Just click on one of these links:
October 22 air date which I had two scenes in the last part of the episode
October 23 air date which I am in the first scene & 4 others throughout the episode.