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Farmer's Insurence Commercial
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Some times working on a commercial can be a lot of hard work.  
During the filming of this commercial I sprinted 8 hours a day, 2 days in a row,
with only a 30 minute lunch break on each day.  These weren't short sprint
sprints, they were 20-45 second sprints with very little break, if any, between each.
 We sprinted down city streets, through an ally way, over a cab as it came to a
stop (35 times), up 60 flights of stairs & then the chase ended with me jumping off
the top of a 19 story building.  Like I said, some times it's hard work but the
footage looks amazing so it was worth it.  
Yes, I really did jump off the top of a 19 story
building... Of course I landed on a balcony 17 feet
below.  I did the jump 6 times total &  I almost
jumped over the balcony on one of the jumps.  
Needless to say it was pretty scary.