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This video features a lot of exercises, not just the one featured in the
pictures below.  The second exercise shown on this video is the one I
am referring to in the paragraphs below.
- View from Outside the car -
- View of me from inside the car
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Click on the link to your left or above to see me in action driving the
car featured in these pictures.  In the video I am also driving a few
other cars.

This was a class on one method of slowing down and stopping an
assailant’s vehicle while both vehicles are still in motion.  It is a very
dangerous exercise but, like most of these exercises, it was a lot of

The care featured in these pictures illustrate the result of a car having
its back right side repeatedly rammed.  A rough estimate would be
about 90 times for that exercise.  We use old cars with tougher bodies
because they last throughout the entire exercise… Sometimes.  Of
course some of the exercises we train on will destroy cars after only a
few runs.  

On this day, instead of being in the passenger side of the student
vehicle instructing soldiers on how to properly execute the steps in the
exercise, I was in the "Target Car".  It is always a lot of fun to drive a
car that gets smashed into repeatedly for an entire day.  It is like being
a kid again and not getting sent to your room for wrecking the car...
Over... And over... And over again.  I recommend everyone try it some
day.  (Only under the close supervision of a certified instructor in a
place that is authorized to hold this type of training.)  

-   Don’t take chances because you might not get a second one to do
things better next time.  

Thank you and have a wonderful day.  

Evasive Driving
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